Senior Photographs

Senior photographs are important. They capture who you are at this point in your life and how you look now. They are great to exchange with classmates so you can remember how they looked during this special year.

They will also allow you to revisit this special year.

More importantly, they will allow your family to see your image not just now but in the years ahead. Soon you will not always be at the dinner table and you will not always be coming home to spend the night. You move forward. A photograph of you is a keepsake. It is a comfort. Your family can see you on a wall portrait from the sofa or as they pass through the room. They can see you on the table, on their desks at work, and they can see you in their wallets and on their phones.  You will always be close in their minds and the photograph is a visual reminder.

This is also a great time for your family to consider a family portrait. We can take it the same day we take your photographs.

Let me help you capture these images. 

I will be taking senior photographs from now until almost graduation day.  I photograph until dark (and sometimes later) and prefer to do it in the last two hours (or first two hours of the day).  This also allows us to do it at a time that is convenient for your parents.

Now is the time to book your session. I do photograph on weekends but those times are filling fast.  Call today to schedule your session. 870-236-2275   Lets work together to create the images you will want for a lifetime.

Top five reasons to use Tim Rand Photography

  1. Quality – We think it is there. Art is subjective and you need to be your own judge. We let the images speak for themselves.
  2. Uniqueness – We do much of our photography outside. Even if we photograph at the same outdoor location by just moving a couple of feet we get a different background or prospective. If we photograph on your property or in your house you will be the only one with that setting … unless you have a twin or allow someone to use your property.
  3. Golden Light – We are not a 9:00 to 5:00 business.  We have a passion for great images and “passion” could be the title of this reason. However, we chose “Golden Light” because it is magical. We can photograph any time of the day and get good photographs. However, the best time of the day to photograph are in the first 1.5 hours of sunlight or in the last 1.5 hours of sunlight. In addition to the golden color of light, the contrast is not as strong when the sun is just above the horizon. It is also easy to find shaded areas, which is the place we prefer to work. I love photographing around sunset. While I’m not an early riser I will get up to capture a great image such as fog on the water and dew on the grass.  So if you want to get up, get ready, and be on time for the session I’ll be there with a great attitude and a goal of capturing great images.

  4. Location – I want you to have great photographs. If there is a place you want to be photographed it may be possible. If you are a baseball fan and want Busch Stadium or the arch in St. Louis in the background we can do it. If you want to be photographed on Beale Street we can do it. If you want to be photographed on South Beach in Miami we can do it. You get the idea. If you want to go somewhere it can probably be arranged. There is a travel charge outside Greene, Craighead, and Pulaski counties but we can discuss this with you. We love to travel.

  5. Price – There is no session fee. There is a $600 minimum purchase which is due at the time of the session. There is no location fee in Greene, Craighead, or Pulaski Counties in Arkansas. Our prices are reasonable and you will find all of the prices of popular size print prints on our website. You can buy all of the files in high-resolution. There are no surprises. If you have a question or need clarification just call or email. If you are looking for a unique size that is not listed, ask us and we will get you a quote. While price is important it is the last reason on our list. If we listed the “top 10 reasons” to use us “price” would be #10.