Tim Rand Photography Price list
August 2013


4 X 6


5 X 7


8 X 10


8 X 12


10 X 10


10 X 15


11 X 14


10 X 20


16 X 20


16 X 24


20 X 24


20 X 30


24 X 30


24 X 36


30 X 40


8 billfolds
Extra sets
of 20



Linen texture or metallic paper is available for an additional 10%. Please see website links for canvas pricing and Senior Specials.


Digital High-Resolution Pricing effective June 8, 2013

I run across more and more clients and potential clients who are asking for high-resolution files of the session images along with the right to print these images any size and anywhere they want.

Therefore, I tried an experiment … kind of like one popular restaurant chain says … for a limited time only. This pricing has been so popular that I am making it a permanent part of my price list.

All of my regular pricing on my website is still current and you can buy on that plan with a $100 minimum purchase for portrait sessions and a $200 minimum purchase for seniors.  The digital purchase pricing is an option instead of the regular pricing, plus there is an option in addition to the regular pricing.

Why am I doing this?  Well, I learned a long time ago that the easiest way to make a sale is to find out what the client wants and then give that to him or her as long as it works for me, too.

People want great images. While some people still want 5x7s and 8x10s and large wall portraits, most people want an image they can have on their iPad, their phone, or put on Facebook or other social media as well as be able to print them themselves.

This came home to me when I was having a viewing session with a mom and her high school senior.  There was a picture he really liked and she asked him if he wanted a 5x7 of it.  He said, “Mom, I don’t have to have any prints as long as I can use it on Facebook and put on my phone.”

I have supplied small low-resolution files for years of all images from which a print was purchased.  These are for use exactly as he said … for his phone, Facebook, and email.  You just can’t print from them.

These high-resolution packages are designed for printing.

These sessions are regular sessions generally one to two hours in length.  There is no travel charge in Greene County or Craighead County, Arkansas. Travel elsewhere is available for an extra fee.

Digital Plan #1 - $600

  1. You get all images from the session.  All will be color-corrected, density adjusted and straightened. You will received these images on a DVD along with a print authorization that will allow you to print them anywhere you choose or to use them any way you choose on any device.
  2. We will do standard retouching* of ten of these images.  You will choose the images from the DVD you receive and you must give us a list of these images within 14 days of receiving the DVD. Failure to supply the list within 14 days drops the included retouching from the package.
  3. We will retouch any additional files for $15 per file.


Digital Plan #2 – For those who buy prints

If you buy $800 or more in prints from us you may then buy high-resolution digital files from us at $20 a file.  These files will be re-touched.

*Standard re-touching is removing pimples, softening some lines, etc.  It is not inserting another image into the current image or adding people to a photograph from another photograph.  That is advanced work that requires a lot of time and will be billed separately.